Pakistan is celebrating the Golden Jubilee of its Constitution, and it’s a time to reflect on the country’s past and look towards the future. As responsible citizens, it’s our duty to move beyond mere celebrations and take concrete actions towards upholding the Constitution for a prosperous future.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of the state is to protect the fundamental human rights of all citizens, and this must be ensured at all levels of society.

As an activist, digital creator, and entrepreneur, I believe that it is our responsibility to contribute to the work of upholding the Constitution and guiding Pakistan towards a prosperous future. This means not only celebrating the Constitution but also actively working to ensure that its principles are upheld and implemented.

One of the most critical areas where immediate action is required is in safeguarding the rights of all citizens, particularly those who are vulnerable, such as the Baloch and other missing persons who have been facing the issue of forced disappearances for decades. Despite the Constitution enshrining their rights, they are often ignored or violated.

Its state’s responsibility to ensure that the rights of every person are protected and upheld, and they are treated with dignity and respect. It is time to take concrete steps to address these human rights issues and work towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. In addition, the issue of forced conversions and discrimination against religious minorities in Pakistan must also be addressed, as it goes against the principles of the Constitution.

Another important area where action is needed is in strengthening Pakistan’s democracy. While the Constitution provides a framework for democracy, it is up to the people and their elected representatives to ensure that this framework is upheld and strengthened. This requires a commitment to transparency, accountability, and the rule of law, and an end to political instability, military coups, and corruption.

It is also important to ensure that federalism is respected and upheld, as it is one of the fundamental tenets of Pakistan’s Constitution. Ensuring that federalism is strengthened and protected is essential for the democratic and inclusive governance of the country.

During the National Constitutional Convention, held in connection with the Golden Jubilee of the 1973 Constitution, on 10th of April 2023, several important resolutions were passed that are crucial for upholding the Constitution and ensuring a prosperous future for Pakistan.

One of the resolutions declared April 10, as the National Constitution Day, to be celebrated each year to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of 1973 and to educate the people of Pakistan about the Constitution and its significance for the country.

Another important resolution was moved by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb, which resolved that the Constitution and democratic civic education shall be made a compulsory part of the curriculum. The resolution said that public service broadcasters and independent media shall devote a fair amount of time to expanding understanding about the Constitution and its relevance as a vibrant contract between the citizens and the State.

All the resolutions passed during the National Constitutional Convention reaffirm the commitment to upholding the Constitution and rule of law, and to ensuring that the Constitution remains a living document that reflects the aspirations and needs of the people of Pakistan.

In conclusion, as Pakistan celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its Constitution, it is important to move beyond mere celebrations and take concrete actions towards upholding the Constitution for a prosperous future. We must work together to strengthen our democracy, demand transparency and accountability from our elected officials, and support institutions that promote the rule of law. Let us all unite in our commitment to upholding the Constitution of Pakistan and working towards a future that is just, fair, and prosperous for all. Together, we can build a stronger and more democratic Pakistan, where every citizen’s rights are protected, and every voice is heard. 

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